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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Peugeot 206/ Naza Bestari Trip Computer

One of the first mods I ever wanted to do on the car was to get the trip computer working. Finally after 6 years, it is done.

I got my cd player replaced. I bought over Bug's awesome Pioneer Head Unit. You can get details on the CD player here on His Blog . After replacing the Head Unit, i decided it was high time I get the trip computer working.

Not many of you might know that the Bestari does have the trip computer. I guess because of cost cutting measures, it was not made available as a standard feature on the car.

You'll need only two things for this mod. First being the bigger MFD display

Bestari's MFD

Secondly you will need the trip button.

You can get this button from a spoiled comm2000 or get it from me.

Replacing the MFD is straight forward, plug and play. I wont go into details on here.

Next is to fix the trip button. Use a needle or a tiny screw driver and slowly pry out the cover at the end of the wiper stalk. Its clipped into place. One the cover is taken out, this is how the stalk will look like

Then you'll need to remove this stopper.

Then just clip in the trip button and Job is done.

If by any chance your standard radio isn't working, you'll need to set the display type on the BSI using PP2000.

Pressing the trip button will cycle you thru date, distance to empty, distance traveled, average fuel consumption, instant fuel consumption, average speed.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Leather Steering Wrap

Over the long weekend, I finally found the time to wrap my deteriorating steering wheel. Since I my sewing skill extremely poor, I wasn't too happy with the end results, but acceptable la for a guy who is holding a thread and needle for the first time in his life.

Followed the instructions given, first I lined the inner part of the steering wrap with double sided tape.
 But I would advise NOT to do this. Because once you stick the cover on the steering wheel, it is impossible to adjust the position of the cover while stitching. As you will see later, because of this I was unable to wrap the sides of my steering wheel properly. What you will need to do is just stick a bit of double sided tape on the 3 'spoke'edges. Because these edges will be folded in between the steering wheel and air bag cover.

Once done with the double sided tape, position the cover on the steering wheel.
Fold in the 3 edges to make sure you've got the position 100% correct. It should look something like this
Once its position correctly, you can start sewing. There's many videos on YouTube to see how the sewing is done.

When sewing around the 3 'spokes' edges, do not pull the thread too tight as u will need to pull and insert the cover in between the air bag cover. While sewing, don't worry if its not 100%perfect or it looks like a pile of garbage on your steering wheel. Everything will eventually fall into place nicely.

Once done it will look like this. I took almost 3 hrs to complete the job.

Notice how The righ and left sides are not folded into the airbag cover? This was because I used too much double sided tape and pulled the thread too tight when sewing round the edges.

If done perfectly, it would look like this

Here are some before n after photos of my steering wheel

Badly worn off

Looks brand new

Monday, March 2, 2015

Shake, Rattle and Roll

My litte 206 is now 6 years old and has covered about 265,000 km. Been noticing the car seems to be rattling a lot when driving over uneven road surface. So decided to spend last Saturday solving this.

Found that the rattle comes rear left door. Knocking on the door, I could hear something was loose inside the door. So I proceeded to remove the door panel and check

Removed the foam insulation carefully

 The culprit was that top metal piece which has become loose

 Used some silicone to hold it in place. I applied silicone along the whole length of this metal piece.

Since everything was opened. Cleaned and re-greased the hinges. Also cleaned up and re-greased all necessary moving parts inside the door

Door Hinge looking much better after being cleaned

After cleaning everything, refitted the door panel and the rattle is gone. The door closes with a solid thud once again. 

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Timing Belt Premature Wear

At 242,000kms, Just about almost 40,000kms covered after changing my timing belt, the timing belt slipped while driving.

Down into 2nd gear, 3500+rpm, going uphill, getting ready to overtake a 40ft container truck. The road clears, I floor the accelerator, engine roars 4000, 4500, 5000, just as I'm about to pull out from behind the truck, a loud grinding and the car lost power, lifted off the accelerator, floor it again, engine screamed at me "are you crazy!!?" and it died. Shifted the gear into N, and luckily I had enough speed to cruise to a stop by the road shoulder. This happened near Bukit Putus, on the 2nd highest bridge in Malaysia

 Lucky I was nearby my local garage, called my mechanic to come take a look. After opening the timing belt cover, it was confirmed that the timing belt slipped. Had to tow the car to the garage.

After opening up the engine, all four of my pistons had two nicks in them from valves hitting. I had to replace all the 8 valves. Although the nicks on the piston head were quite deep, My mechanic assured me that it was re-use-able. Phew, quite a lot of money saved there. He took about 4 days to get my car ready. And in that 4days, There were another 3 cars that came in with the same issue. premature wear of the timing belt.

Piston Nicks on Piston No.1& 4. This is another car which had its timing belt slipped too. Mine were double the size of this.

I've never seen this kind of damage on a timing belt. Usually the 'teeth' wear off or the belt breaks, but never the 'teeth' coming off from the belt.
My mechanic said, these past few months he has seen many cases of premature belt failure like this. Most occurring between 60,000kms - 70,000kms.  So, if you've covered 50,00kms on your current timing belt, PLEASE have your mechanic check on its condition.

Squeaky Clean

The damage done

I opted to use 2nd hand valves to keep the cost down. brand new valves costs RM55 each for intake and RM65 each for exhaust.

The engine feels brand new now. So much smoother and more definitely more torque